• Wherever the Location

    Shamrock Tackle has become part of the Sea Angling Landscape.


    Shamrock Mickey Fish Rig

  • Crafted by Experts

    Hand tied right here in Ireland.

  • Global interest

    Shamrock rigs now used by top anglers all around the World.

  • Target Species

    easier than ever to target specific species with our new rigs

  • Ling

    Culdaff Bay, Donegal, Shamrock Mickey Fish Rig

  • Cuckoo Wrasse

    Kilmore Quay Shamrock Green Gloworm Rig.


    Shamrock Munster Maulers Rig

  • Thornback Ray

    Lough Swilly, Donegal, Shamrock "Orange" Animal Rig.

  • Spurdog

    Culdaff Bay, Donegal, Shamrock Kilmore Killers Rig

  • Few Hours Fishing With Shamrock Traces

    Culdaff Bay, Donegal, Various Shamrock Traces


    Culdaff Bay, Donegal Shamrock Mickey Fish Rig

  • Haddock

    Culdaff Bay, Donegal Shamrock Mickey Fish Rig

  • Ballen Wrasse

    Culdaff Bay, Donegal Shamrock Green Gloworm Rig

  • Cod

    Shamrock Kilmore Killers Rig