Eddystone EddyJelly Worms

There are many Jelly Worms on the market, but these have been a tried and tested lure for over 30 years, responsible for hundreds of BIG fish. Also we only sell colours that are proven fish cathcers, so you know you are in good hands with an Eddystone EddyJelly Worm.

Eddystone Eddyjelly Worms Sizes

Sizes / Weights Available:
- 180mm

Eddystone Eddyjelly Worms Colours

Colours Available:
- Silver / Black with Silver Fleck
- Black / Red Firetail
- Fluorescent Orange
- Black / Fluorescent Orange Firetail
- Black
- Rhubarb & Custard

Eddystone Eddyjelly Worms Pack Quantity

Qty Per Pack:
- 10 (one colour per bag only)