• Wherever the Location

    Shamrock Tackle has become part of the Sea Angling Landscape.


    Shamrock Mickey Fish Rig

  • Crafted by Experts

    Hand tied right here in Ireland.

  • Global interest

    Shamrock rigs now used by top anglers all around the World.

  • Target Species

    easier than ever to target specific species with our new rigs

  • Ling

    Culdaff Bay, Donegal, Shamrock Mickey Fish Rig

  • Cuckoo Wrasse

    Kilmore Quay Shamrock Green Gloworm Rig.


    Shamrock Munster Maulers Rig

  • Thornback Ray

    Lough Swilly, Donegal, Shamrock "Orange" Animal Rig.

  • Spurdog

    Culdaff Bay, Donegal, Shamrock Kilmore Killers Rig

  • Few Hours Fishing With Shamrock Traces

    Culdaff Bay, Donegal, Various Shamrock Traces


    Culdaff Bay, Donegal Shamrock Mickey Fish Rig

  • Haddock

    Culdaff Bay, Donegal Shamrock Mickey Fish Rig

  • Ballen Wrasse

    Culdaff Bay, Donegal Shamrock Green Gloworm Rig

  • Cod

    Shamrock Kilmore Killers Rig

Jelly Worms

Shamrock Jelly Worms
Shamrock soft baits are designed for the sole purpose of helping you catch more fish.
One thing we promise is that all of our soft baits have been fish tested and angler approved.

Shamrock 4inch Match Black Worms Shamrock 4inch Match Orange Worms Shamrock Jellybellies Worms

Shamrock Jelly Worms, Culdaff, Donegal

Shamrock Jelly Worms 2, Culdaff, Donegal